Save the Galapagos Island and Empower its People

Project overview

UNDP through its Biodiversity Finance Initiative in Ecuador has launched this campaign , focused on supporting the economic recovery of the Galapagos Island´s inhabitants through employment reactivation and training opportunities. This initiative aims to provide an income for educational and training activities, while there are no visitors to the islands. As a result, local people would be able to improve or create small business ideas to strengthen entrepreneurship capacities in the community.

The campaign contains three phases namely; Phase I on Urgent Action, Phase II on Designing a Sustainable Future and Phase III on Changing the Future in the Galapagos Island.

During Phase I, selected “conservation champions” in the Galapagos, around 90 local guides from the national park will be financially supported in order to help with the maintenance of the protected area, providing urgent income for local community and ecological protection of the archipelago. On Phase II, the community of Galapagos will be invited to participate in a “cash for training” process where 90 additional participants from the economic sectors; which is most affected by the crisis caused by the pandemic, will get access to a two-month training program. Training programme will be focusing on the improvement and reactivation of green entrepreneurships. Finally, on Phase III, an expert panel will select the highest impact ventures that contribute to building a resilient and sustainable economy for the Galapagos Islands. These entrepreneurs will be granted seed funding for their improvement and reactivation plan, as well as access to technical assistance to accompany the execution of the plan.

The campaign expects to raise USD100,000.

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Impact Packages
Sustainable Tourism Fund (Giant Tortoise)

This fund will be given for local, sustainable tourism entrepreneurs that promote well-being for local
residents and tourism options that strengthen Galapagos as a resilient destination promoting domestic
and international tourism.

Blue Economy Fund (Hammer-Head Shark)

Dedicated to initiatives within a Blue Economy that promote the sustainable use of marine resources, this fund will support proposals that encourage people from the Galapagos and visitors to connect with the sea and respect the species that live there, such as sustainable fisheries and a range of water activities.

Innovation Development Fund (Blue-Footed Booby)

This fund focuses on local, sustainable technology entrepreneurs that can increase resilience and resource-efficiency (health, environment, food security, agricultural practices), as well enhance the community cohesion through the offer of products and services that build inclusion, resilience, equity.