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By Bruno N Mweemba, BIOFIN Zambia Team Leader Zambia, through the Ministry of Finance, recently finalized the country’s Capital Markets Development Master Plan (CMDMP) in which green finance instruments related to biodiversity conservation and climate change were successfully mainstreamed. The core...Read more
By Bruno N Mweemba, BIOFIN Zambia Team Leader BIOFIN Zambia and high-level partners have published guidelines and listing rules for green bonds to attract investments in projects that will help protect and even restore biodiversity. Zambia is a country that has faced huge biodiversity loss in recent...Read more
BIOFIN Eurasia Pacific Dialogue – 10, 12, and 17 November 2020 Highlights of the Dialogue [1] Theme 1 : How COVID-19 is changing our world: Can nature be the building block of our COVID-response? The sixth BIOFIN EURASIA Pacific Dialogue kicked off on November 10, 2020 with the introductory theme fo...Read more