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By Massimiliano Riva, Investment Advisor, UN Joint SDG Fund (Click Here to access publication) Re-thinking and applying strategies to ‘move mountains’ It is a necessary - but incredibly difficult – task to direct private investments into nature conservation and the preservation of biodiversity. But...Read more
Priority Regions of the Sustainable Productive Landscape Project. Source: CONABIO
Priority Regions of the Sustainable Productive Landscape Project. Source: CONABIO
Through the BIOFIN process, several countries have identified that rather than creating new funds, environmental funds have been set up and are in place; however, many of them are not fully operational and effective. This is the case of Mexico, were the Climate Change Fund was created in 2012 throug...Read more
The rich and diverse natural environment of Uzbekistan combined with its gradual transition to a market economy and burgeoning institutional and policy capacities, has piqued the interest of the young republic’s government to join BIOFIN. Jessica Alvsilver, BIOFIN’s Technical Adviser recently joined...Read more
Ecuador has launched a new Social Responsibility and Sustainability Fund focused on environmental and climate issues. The private trust fund will receive voluntary contributions from the private sector, supporting sustainable business towards the national objectives of sustainable development, clima...Read more
As part of the Bioeconomy finance solution, BIOFIN Mexico held a session with actors from the financial sector with the objective of getting feedback and validating BIOFIN’s premises on the challenges to fund projects and business that have positive impact on biodiversity. Specialists, investors and...Read more